Dissatisfied With Their Current Work Situation Who Feel Trapped Without An Escape Plan
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If you’re a degree-qualified engineer who has lost enjoyment in your work, take heart. It’s time to release your creativity, initiative, and contribution into the world.

Start creating your escape plan today and take flight toward a more rewarding and meaningful career.

In The Work Trap Dilemma, you will discover:

  • How DESTRUCTIVE a toxic work environment can be
  • How to eliminate the FEAR of career change
  • The COURAGE to take back your life
  • Your DREAMS are waiting to be reawakened


Ray Pavri is Australia’s most respected career coach for degree-qualified engineers. A career professional with an MBA in Business, Ray has held senior roles with many large organisations in Australia. But his real passion is working with engineers and technical professionals at all levels of management who are stagnating in their careers.

For the past twenty years, Ray has helped over 4,000 technical professionals escape the work trap dilemma to discover more rewarding and meaningful careers. As founder of Watt Electrical News, a premier online resource within the global electrical community, and My Electrical Community, a peer-to-peer business and social network, Ray is devoted to improving the lives of technical professionals throughout Eastern Australia.

If you want to meet a person with unlimited energy, enthusiasm, passion, and zest for life, meet Ray. Ray is a pioneer in the recruitment industry and he brings a lot of skills to the table, he is always there for you when needed. He is very knowledgeable, in his subjects, and goes out of his way to help his customers and clients. He comes up with amazing initiatives which benefit the industry like My Electrical Community and gives his all to see that it works. For me Ray is an asset to anyone he works or would associate himself with. I wish him all the success for any endeavor he takes.

Gajanan Bhalero

Sales Manager, Emerson Climate Technologies

My relationship with Ray Pavri dates back to 2006, when he offered me a job in a prestigious automation company in Australia. As an employer, Ray not only helped me in relocating from overseas but also assisted me throughout the settlement process. I know him as a very dynamic person with great vision who mentors people in aligning their career to their goals. On several occasions, I received valuable guidance from him both in career and personal fronts. Ray is also the founder of ‘My Electrical Community’ (MyEC), which is a peer-to-peer business and social network for people with an electrical background. As a visionary, identifying the needs & gaps in the electrical industry, he formed this organisation and steered it to a successful position conducting networking and mentoring events throughout Australia. MyEC is a wonderful platform for people seeking support to improve their network, technical knowledge, understanding of industry issues, and receive directions to achieve career goals and Ray’s efforts have been instrumental in making this happen.

Partha Sinha

Senior Operations Support Engineer, Jemena

I have known Ray for a number of years and have always been impressed with the passion and commitment he puts into his work. Of recent times I have had the opportunity to be involved in a new business startup that Ray has obviously put a lot of time and effort into, My Electrical Community. Ray clearly saw a missing piece in what electrical professionals needed from industry associations. While my involvement has been limited, the times I have been involved in the organisation behind the events have been faultless, which reflects Ray’s passion and ability.

Garry Taylor

Area Lead - Power, GHD

After a little over a year of applying to advertised jobs and not getting a single callback, I was feeling very hopeless and unwanted by industry. Two different resume writers and copious amounts of web research into job hunting was not helping me get past the initial screening. I came across Ray’s website and book and so I decided to engage his services.

Immediately Ray was able to start injecting new energy into my search and opened my eyes to practical ways to break into the notorious hidden job market. Ray helped me figure out my strengths and weaknesses and ways to express them to communicate a picture of what I can do for an employer. Ray facilitated connecting with senior industry process engineers who were able to offer insights into the current employment landscape and help to contact the Process Managers in the companies we decided to target. Ray also showed me a better way to layout my resume which resulted in my first callback leading to a second interview with a Senior Plant Metallurgist.

Above all, Ray helped me to think creatively and take risks, and this ultimately resulted in me being offered the position I am currently in after just eights weeks working with Ray. I snared this position before it was advertised. Even though there was some luck involved, if you are creative and keep trying different things, knocking on doors and showing up in person, rather than emails and website submissions, you are going to create the luck required to go to the next step.

Ray helped me refocus, rebuild my dropping self esteem and regain a higher level of professionalism. I will now be on a path that not only will build a foundation for the next couple decades of my career, but also to building a personal brand that will allow me to help others and be in demand in the not too distant future.

Damien Boyle

Chemical Engineer, Consolidated Tin Mines - Mount Garnet Processing Plant

2016 began with an unnervingly quiet start for me career wise, after successfully receiving sufficient work as a contractor during the preceding 10 years. The drought of work continued throughout the first half of the year, but fortunately at the beginning of the second half of 2016, I met Ray and he provided me with the opportunity to turn my situation around. Ray quickly began to impart his knowledge to me, offering a diverse range of strategies to improve my prospects of securing engineering employment. Ray assisted me to apply for various electrical engineering roles by adapting my resume to capitalize on my strengths whilst addressing the selection criteria for each position. He also introduced me to other engineers in my field of expertise and secured their assistance to act as my personal mentors and went on to provide me with a technique to boost my workload using our combined LinkedIn network so that I could continue contracting whilst seeking full time employment. Ray patiently walked me through a multitude of strategies and motivated me to explore every opportunity as it arose. Consequently 2016 ended on a high note and 2017 has begun with a bang and I have hit the ground running with a full time job in addition to keeping busy working from home in my role as an engineering contractor. Thank you Ray.

Mike Donnelly of G & M Donnelly

Senior Technical Consultant, Walker Newman & Associates

Having been successful in the past in finding full engineering employment I found myself facing a possible end to that good fortune of recent. I realised through recent experience, that my advance years (early 50s) and a “tick the box” approach to some recruitment processes, which I would have thought was my most valuable asset, could be an issue preventing me from getting my job. I needed to distinguish myself from the crowd and realised that I didn’t have all the skills to promote myself so I applied and received (very quickly) Ray’s “The Work Trap Dilemma” book. I realised on reading it that many of my experiences were shared.

With Ray’s guidance, the process of determining my strengths and having them evaluated and assessed was enlightening. Before then I’d have struggled to explain 34 themes of talent. Having however the five most dominant “Signature Themes” explained in great detail by a qualified psychologist gave me some ideas and key words for my later to be produced resume and profiles.

The next opportunity was to have peers as mentors organised by Ray, discuss what they looked for when recruiting and I found this very useful and enjoyable. The confidence these experiences gave me allowed me to revise my resume, update my LinkedIn profile and start writing meaningful applications to jobs that interested me.

Ray guided me all the way, provided constructive criticism and beavered away in the background with a tenacious appetite looking for jobs I’d never find. He has an immense network of connections and a realistic approach based on his broad experience.

In our meetings I found him always to be direct yet courteous, positive and punctual and extremely responsive to my requests.

It cost me the equivalent of a new high spec. laptop which I bought at the same time and I suspect the skills and opportunities Ray has provided me will last longer than that laptop. I recommend you give him a call and take the first step in transitioning your career.

Michael Hogg

Telecommunications Engineer, Telstra