About Ray Pavri

rav-pavri-v1Ray Pavri is Australia’s most respected career coach for degree-qualified engineers. A career professional with an MBA in Business, Ray has held senior roles with many large organisations in Australia. But his real passion is working with engineers and technical professionals at all levels of management who are stagnating in their careers.

For the past twenty years, Ray has helped over 4,000 technical professionals escape the work trap dilemma to discover more rewarding and meaningful careers. As founder of Watt Electrical News, a premier online resource within the global electrical community, and My Electrical Community, a peer-to-peer business and social network, Ray is devoted to improving the lives of technical professionals throughout Australia.

Ray remembers when his own career was in a death spiral. Like a frog in a pot of boiling water, if he hadn’t jumped out when he did, he would have been cooked alive. Ray knows first-hand that having a guide on the journey makes the difference between those who find greener pastures and those who remain trapped in their own fears.

If you’re ready to break free from your toxic work environment and breathe new life into your career, let Ray inspire you and introduce you to “rubber meets the road” strategies on how to reawaken your dreams and restore sanity to your life.