Engineers, particularly Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, from industry segments like mining, oil & gas, manufacturing and traditional power across Australia, across all levels of seniority, are going through probably the most challenging times of recent.

The reason it’s the most challenging is that multiple major industries hiring engineers are being affected at the same time and several engineers who may never have faced this situation before, do not know what to do.

That this is causing mental trauma, lack of confidence and self-esteem among engineers is an understatement and this is a sad state of affairs for engineers generally. Pride in being an engineer is slowly disappearing.

In running a career transitioning business across Australia, I have had several discussions with engineers across Australia and I am finding that engineers are using the same career strategies now, as they were garnering pre-2008. That this is ineffective for most engineers is apparent through the discussions I have had.

It is a serious issue and it needs attention at a co-ordinated level and hence this open letter to all nationally based engineering organizations across Australia via the largest professional platform – LinkedIn, essentially to build momentum for this to be discussed and for something to be done about this.
I am relying on the fact that through my 4,500+ relevant LinkedIn connections, engineers who believe this to be happening, share this post and through that have relevant authorities take notice for a National strategy to be implemented.

I am able to provide input into this but my band width through Job Transition Strategy is in the hundreds and this issue runs into the high thousands from what I have seen. So a nationally based co-ordinated approach via an industry body / bodies is absolutely necessary.

Let’s get Australian engineers talking about this serious issue and let’s do something about it.
Please share this post if you feel this is an important topic and let us get those sitting in positions of authority within relevant industry organizations have this discussed and brain stormed for possible solutions around this.