I have been conducting interviews with individuals who have left full time work to start their own business.These are businesses which are very successful now. If these individuals can do it, so can you.

Being in business now-a-days especially with redundancies, with major industries like mining, O&G, manufacturing going through economic and structural shock, is no more or less risky as compared to being in full time work.

Hear their stories through these interviews and if you are interested, follow this space as I will be conducting similar interviews and extracting great gems, which should help those desiring to get into business.

Who knows; through this Australia could produce more jobs relative to any policies which either bent of politics tries to muster?

Let’s get jobs growth going this way rather than relying on others and especially politicians to get this on the road.

None of these entrepreneurs interviewed stated that it was the support (or lack of support) which got them going and in being successful. It was just their own philosophy to create something out of nothing along with a desire which they fueled (initiated, did something about) which got them going.

They did and you can too – if you have the spark, the desire and are willing to seek some help from mentors and from others who are open to helping you. If you are interested “like” this post and I will show you how what they did, can be done by you.

The interviews and some of the gems from the interviews conducted are as under:


Interview with Tenille Bentley – http://www.myelectricalcommunity.org/seewebinar.php?id=12

Serial entrepreneur, Non-Executive Director at Radio Rentals and previously Non-Exec Director at iinet

The gems:

In establishing their own success criteria towards setting up their own business, The head-heart (ego driven – passion driven) call entrepreneurs face and how Tenille dealt with this
Profit driven mentality vs Collaborative engagement
“Success”. What it means?
Challenges faced by Tenille as she established her own business
Working your way out of business after you start your own business – a counter-intuitive gem
Working on your business rather than in it
As a new entrepreneur – how do you figure out “here is an idea the market has a need for”?
As a new entrepreneur – how did you convince your first customer?
Is it too late for anyone to start their own business?
Where is Australia at – in terms of entrepreneurship?
Given that being in business requires a broad skills base – how can a new entrepreneur cope with the breadth required?
How important is support from the family / external to the aspiring entrepreneur?


Interview with David Snowdon – http://www.myelectricalcommunity.org/seewebinar.php?id=13

Technology entrepreneur, David is Chief Technology Officer at Metamaco a company he founded with Scott Newham and Charles Thomas who have a background in ultra-low latency hardware, software and algorithmic trading. David and his team pitched their business to a venture capitalist and obtained funding and as you will hear – are well on their way to success

The gems:

As an entrepreneur – did David transition into entrepreneurship or just went “cold turkey”?
What are the typical traits of an entrepreneur?
Working with an incomplete picture when making decisions as an entrepreneur
Can entrepreneurship ever be taught?
How important is it to be a salesperson in running an entrepreneurial business?
Challenges in the first 18 months of establishing an entrepreneurial business?
Challenges of a fast growing entrepreneurial business past the 18 months?
Australian versus overseas investment when seeking out venture capital funding
Why David and his team continued on with business, given the challenges? The joys of being in business
How important is it to develop a business plan?
Is it better continuing in full time work as you develop your business model or going “cold turkey”?
How relevant / important is a business incubator to those desiring to set up their own technology based business?
How relevant is this interview series Ray is conducting towards encouraging more entrepreneurship within Australia within the technology stratosphere?


Interview with Rashid Kotwal – http://www.myelectricalcommunity.org/seewebinar.php?id=2

The gems:

What are the different reasons why people start their own business?
Can entrepreneurship be taught?
If it necessary to define your own KPI’s before starting your own business?
How important is a sales trait within one’s repertoire to someone wanting to become a successful entrepreneur? And if they don’t have that – then what?
How can a new entrepreneur get past “gatekeepers”?
In choosing staff as a new entrepreneur – how important is initiative within new staff, even against the best academic experience?
What are some of the challenges of being in your own business?
What are the joys given so many persist and do well at business despite the challenges?
How secure is full time work? And is starting your own business any more risky?
If you have the seed, the desire to get into business – what should you do?