You’d have read my previous post where I’d highlighted the plight of engineers in mining, oil & gas, manufacturing and traditional power especially in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania languishing as the market goes through its most challenging times.

Now when the chips are down you’d expect your family and close friends to have your back and of course they do.

But families and friends don’t really understand the industry, so the support they give is at an emotional level but it does not really help you in the market place.

A source of support you’d expect however, without fail, would be from your industry associations who annually charge hundreds of dollars in membership fees and have a vested interest in the profession succeeding.

Having said that I have seen many engineers over the years questioning the role industry associations play and in doing so, have stopped their membership subscriptions because they see little value from staying as a member.

Now that’s a shame.

If an industry association does not have your back, what’s the point of its existence?

I hope I am wrong in saying this – but what do you feel?

Does your industry association have your back?

I look forward to various positive stories about how industry associations have their member’s back.

I hope the pessimism I have seen through the discussions with various professionals is an aberration and not a trend because if it is a trend – then do industry associations face the prospect of being Ubered in some shape or form?

#EngineersHaveASay because after all its your life we are talking about.