We live in the flexible economy and as an engineer (or any professional for that matter) if you are not accustomed to leveraging the flexible economy either as a job maker (employer) or as a job taker (someone looking for work) then you are going to face some rough times. Let’s see how we leverage the flexible economy. So for my own case:

  • I use freelancers across the globe (including across Australia) instead necessarily permanent staff – except for a few who are strategic to the business
  • Instead of getting a third car as my kids have started driving I use Go-Get to leverage a car for a few hours at a time as necessary or hire a car via Budget or AVIS for the day
  • I use the offices of the Institute of Directors (to which I am a member) for meetings of an hour at a time or book a serviced office of work taking up a few days at a time instead of having an office space 365 days a year as did for the past 20 or so years in business.
  • I use a rental space on an as needed basis through ParkHound for parking in relation to my kids going to Uni at the other side of the city, instead of living close to the Uni (which is really expensive given its in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney).
  • I use Vaya for my phone contract – so no lock-in contract (they just deliver on their service and I’ve been with them for 18 months now paying month by month)
  • I use a gym where I pay a weekly fee for any amount of use – no contract

And so on ………

Now within the engineering (and many other) professions several companies are moving to flexible hire mainly i.e. hiring for a few weeks at a time, a few months at a time and a few years at a time – but very little perm hire happening.

Just as with Vaya – if the delivery is great of the person being employed and you are in a situation of being constantly “employable” rather than being employed – you have a better chance at job stability than any perm job.

A talk by a leading proponent of this philosophy is happening in Sydney on 3rd August between 6.00pm to 9.00pm

For details please see here.

Richard Webb; who will be presenting holds multiple degrees including an engineering degree from Missouri University of Science & Technology having finished that in 1979. Richard dubs himself an ‘accidental’ entrepreneur. If only all accidents were so successful. Richard has facilitated fourteen start-ups, 1,500 new jobs, over $500 million in funding, and 136 board directorships in 27 countries.

Richard’s talk will be on:

The New Emerging Workforce Structure 

He presents thought provoking ideas such as:

  • Are we headed to 7 billion corporations of one?
  • Are you a Driver or Enabler?
  • What are the new forms of Income?
  • And what does this mean for consumption in the next decade?

Also presenting will be Imran Karim who is an Engineer – Industrial Electronics with 17 years experience including five years as a Senior Project Manager at Yokogawa Australia, where he used flexible hiring policies as part of the repertoire of hiring he adopted there. He is currently the Managing Director of his “Corporation of One” and will enlist his own private journey in recognizing the trend towards flexible hire happening across Australia.

Imran’s talk will be on:

Corporation Of One – My Journey

  • His own journey from working for a large multinational to being the MD of his “Corporation Of One”
  • Permanent employment – a figment of the past?
  • Measured risk taking as part of being within a Corporation of One
  • Survival strategies for engineers in today’s environment

Booking is strictly limited to a first come first served basis given it is at the offices of GHD in Sydney CBD – which has limited capacity.

If you are an engineer (or any professional) and do not work by this philosophy in today’s environment not knowing how to leverage this to your advantage – you face the prospect of rough times ahead.

Book early if you want to know how to leverage this trend at http://jobtransitionstrategy.com/events/

Any inquiries please call on 1300 353 364 toll-free from anywhere across Australia.