I heard a motivational speech today sent to me by a Good Samaritan – a talk by the famous public speaker Les Brown.

In that he says that to get somewhere, you have to align yourself with powerful people who can encourage you, who can guide you, who can empower you, who you can grow from. He says – align yourself with people who aspire.

That’s so spot on.

If you are not aligned with such people it’s very easy to be down in the dump, easy to blame others, to blame the economy, to blame the timing of one’s migration into the country to seek new work now rather than during the boom times, to blame the previous or current government for landing us in this economic “predicament”, to blame our employers for jobs lost, to blame the selling off of government assets with the consequential loss of jobs. To basically locate a reason other than the fact that the only thing determining your success is yourself. That is what you can control.

Is this easy to do?

Of course not.

But by aligning yourself with successful people, with people who aspire, who are willing to help, willing to encourage you, willing to guide you, empower you and those you can grow from; the task becomes simpler.

If you are someone with an engineering background and wish to align yourself with people such as this from your own industry then you have an avenue available.

Job Transition Strategy will be holding networking events for those with engineering backgrounds. There you will be able to join other people who aspire, who are willing to help, to encourage, to guide, empower and who you can learn and grow from.

If you want to fly like a bird, you have to fly with those who are air borne.

Let us make as many as we can within the engineering community air borne by working as a community.

Join me at these events and be a part of the journey.