Let’s face it. Times are tough for engineers. During the good old days, you didn’t have to do much to get ahead and to earn a bucket load of money. But that’s not the case now is it?

This might seem not to apply to everyone. So those in the oil & gas, mining, power generation and manufacturing will no doubt be nodding their heads agreeing that times are tough. But perhaps engineers in the transport, renewables, building services industries might say this does not apply to me.

Yet this topic is relevant to every engineer in Australia.

What happens after most of the infrastructure spend has plateaued? What happens if a change in policy like clean coal or a completely new technology thwarts renewables? The ingenuity of innovation means any industry could be “ubered” at any time and those who have spent several years going out on a limb of one industry could now find that this limb is weak or close to being cut off.

But how to get off or to make the most of this situation is the question to address.

It’s been shown that every engineer has in the past and will in the future during their working lives face a recessionary tailwind of some shape or form. For some like those in the mining, oil & gas, manufacturing and power generation industries the tailwind is of tsunami proportions and seems like it’s not going to end for a long time to come. For others, it’s a slow bleed perhaps working in companies and in roles they don’t like and remaining in, only because in their minds they cannot see any opportunities to gravitate to and anything they gravitate towards rejects them continually so they question everything they do. For others the tail winds are just gathering momentum.

Doing well in the good times – that’s the easy bit. Anyone can do that.

Doing well in the tough times? Now that’s what needs to be worked towards.

If you’d like to find out how to recession proof yourself as an engineer:

  • Grab the book “Work Trap Dilemma” written specifically for engineers. It is a hard copy book, mailed out to your nominated address at no cost to you and will convey the different work traps holding you back.
  • Understand how the proven Job Transition Strategy Program works across Australia. This will convey to you a game plan which works.
  • See if you are eligible to be admitted into this Job Transition Strategy Program. To be eligible you need to set up a time to have talk with either me or one of my accredited Career Coaches. We will offer you a career health check during this time and also assess you at the same time towards eligibility for this Program. You will only be admitted into the Program if we are certain about your success. And through this career health check, you will get pointers on what’s holding you back and what you need to be thinking about if you want different results.

Should you be fortunate enough to be admitted into the Program there will be a cost but that will depend on your personal circumstances and on your desire to succeed. But the rewards from joining the Program will far outweigh the cost, as has been the case with several engineers who’ve already graduated.

Once you are admitted into the Program I guarantee that you will find joy through the work you do.

Being miserable at work is not normal. Suffering from low self-esteem is not normal. Blaming yourself is not normal.

So if you are unhappy about your work situation and wish to get out of this, here is a concrete strategy to unshackle you from the work chains which hold you back and lead you towards a better mental state of mind and prosperity.

Making the best of times within the worst of times is not only possible – its already happening for several of your peers graduating through.

Make the transition yourself. You know you and your family deserve this.