What does Job Transition do?

Job Transition Strategy is a Program for individuals unable to be motivated fully in what they do, enabling them to move into careers and jobs which inspire. The Program can be undertaken as a whole through the integrated service or via separate modules – each listed below. The modules focus on the core aspects of discovery into what makes you tick as an individual, determination of the gaps between where you are at now to where you need to head, decision making in regards to a strategy you and your coach travel together on and a pre-defined destination your coach enables you to travel to addressing your gaps along the way – all without leaving your current job. This last aspect is important because the opportunity cost of you being able to take “quiet time out” to do all of this is so onerous that it never gets done or if done is so expensive an exercise that it gets delayed for as long as possible. Life as they say is short. But imagine how long it can be if you are doing things you hate or at least are not waking up feeling passionately about each day.