What does Job Transition do?

Job Transition Strategy is a Program for individuals unable to be motivated fully in what they do, enabling them to move into careers and jobs which inspire. The Program can be undertaken as a whole through the integrated service or via separate modules – each listed below. The modules focus on the core aspects of discovery into what makes you tick as an individual, determination of the gaps between where you are at now to where you need to head, decision making in regards to a strategy you and your coach travel together on and a pre-defined destination your coach enables you to travel to addressing your gaps along the way – all without leaving your current job. This last aspect is important because the opportunity cost of you being able to take “quiet time out” to do all of this is so onerous that it never gets done or if done is so expensive an exercise that it gets delayed for as long as possible. Life as they say is short. But imagine how long it can be if you are doing things you hate or at least are not waking up feeling passionately about each day.


Discovery & Destination Analysis

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  • As Sun Tzo in the Art of War says:
  • “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”
  • Know yourself first before you start your journey towards finding your ideal role.
  • I will help using a sophisticated, well defined and well accepted process to determine what your key strengths and weaknesses are. This will determine your psyche and what environments you would thrive within. This will be followed up with a one on one with a Gallup Strengths Coach and a Job Transition Career Coach who together will help you understand how leveraging and channelling your strengths will help you in getting to a work environment which is enjoyable and not filled with dread and doubt.
  • By the end of this exercise you will have an understanding of where you need to head to reach a path where you can get close to what you love.
  • What mentees who’ve experienced this service are saying:
  • I found the Strengths Assessment module was really accurate. The top five themes around what makes me tick as an individual resonated with me very strongly
  • This process helped me determine the kind of environments I’d thrive within.
  • When seeing the videos of individuals describing themselves around their strengths especially the top five strengths that I have, I was nodding my head all along going – yes that’s me.
  • It deepened awareness of what inspires me.
  • It relayed to me my natural patterns of behaving – what makes me unique.
  • It helped me in determining how I need to find others within my future teams who can complement my lesser strengths so that I am successful focusing on my own top core strengths within any organisation I join.
  • To know more please review the e-brochure related to this module.


PRICE: AUD$ Price on application plus GST
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  • The service will include:
  • Identifying your mentoring needs based on your career strategy plan developed through the discovery module
  • Determining the industries as well as soft and hard skills you as the Mentee ideally need from your mentor to be able to learn about the career end goal you ideally should be aiming for
  • Search, identification, approach, agreement with appropriate mentors
  • Getting a framework developed for the Mentor and the Mentee to help the Mentee achieve the outcome desired
  • Preparing the Mentor and the Mentee for the sessions
  • Co-ordinating the Mentor-Mentee sessions using a three way web based video conferencing facility (Mentor, Mentee and Career Coach as the three parties)
  • Actively managing the mentor-mentee sessions across the whole process over a defined period of time, with the Career Coach as a guide to ensure the Mentee learns from the Mentor on areas defined within the Career Plan as needing experiential guidance from
  • Career Coach providing a final guide after the Mentor sessions have finished and a what next action planning strategy
  • To know more please review the e-brochure related to this module.