When we invest in a house / apartment we purchase RP Data reports on the prices people pay on houses / apartments within the suburb, we spend money on structural reports, pest reports, conduct property searches, speak to multiple individuals living in the area, attend various auctions and generally put a lot of time, dollars and effort into this. Why? Because houses are a long term investment and cost lots of money.

Yet; how much time, dollars & investment have you put into transitioning from one job to the other and your career?

Your “career investment” when added up as the annual salary you earn or could potentially earn over a 45 year working period equates to the same if not more of an “investment” as the purchase of a house. Add $80,000+ as the minimum average earning engineers get over a 45 year period and imagine you making 10-15% more or less than what you currently earn. Then on top of this financial aspect which is different for careers, is the trauma of working 8-10 hours for most of your life, in a job you absolutely hate or a job where the culture of the organization just does not align with your values or you have no learning or growth opportunities – so the emotional side of being in the wrong job has not even been discussed as yet. That too must have a cost.

If you are putting a different slide rule over your career relative to other investments like houses / apartments / shares – is it time to think differently?

Are you willing to make an investment in your career?