Last week I mentioned about the common fallacies we have about our experience and resume speaking for itself and letting that rest on its own to help us progress through our career; internally within the organization you’re in or externally when you are looking at making the next career move.

In a cluttered market with so many people competing for the same jobs both internally and externally and the volumes of cvs before recruiting professionals who incidentally have short attention spans, this is not enough.

I mentioned how without “strategic networking” you might as well consider your chances of being discovered to be as likely as you winning the lottery.

Yesterday through the auspices of MyEC ( a ground breaking event took place in Sydney which was all about “strategic networking”. It was a networking event with the general networking we’re all familiar with, followed by an hour of one on one mentoring with three experienced industry professionals as an extended networking session.

Mentors included senior professionals from various industries with tons of experience, able to guide on aspects such as:

  • Avoiding the traps commonly found within industries or companies they’d worked in which prevented people from moving ahead
  • Giving mentees who attended, the feedback they needed on career direction
  • Being a sounding board for ideas
  • Being able to brain storm on practical commercial industry applications for PhD thesis undertaken by current students
  • Discussing work related issues or challenges
  • Giving constructive feedback

Mentees comments from that evening from the Survey Forms done included:

“Multiple mentors able to be accessed during one evening – fantastic”

“Was able to get good advice on the industry through this event”

“The face-to-face mentoring sessions were great. It was good to meet many people from the electrical industry specifically in one place”

“Enjoyed the opportunity to talk with experienced people and learn from their experience”

“Having the mentor enabled me to focus on my strengths and that worked for me”

“Enjoyed the one on one sessions – got great value out of that. Also the beer tasting organized as part of the evening was good!”

“Found responses from the mentors to be quite practical – hold more events like this across Sydney”

“Being able to talk to experienced professionals in an open situation with no agendas”

Another event is being held – this time around Liverpool at TAFE at Miller (Cnr of Banks & Hoxton Park Road, Miller) – commencing at 6.00pm on the 17th of June 2015. More details at

Only 20 will make it as places are limited.

Will you be the one to take advantage of this “strategic networking”event specifically for professionals with an electrical background?