In having spoken to over 175 engineering professionals across Australia over the past two months or so, I am finding some common reasons why individuals are frustrated with their careers and wish to transition elsewhere – often with no real game plan as to what to do. Does this resonate with you? I’d love to hear about your story. Your inputs will be very useful to others facing similar situations – others facing potential mental and physical health issues as a consequence of this:

  • Being stuck in the same role for several years without skills having improved so much so that changing employers now has become really difficult.
  • Salary stagnant over several years.
  • Too narrowly specialized with skills being non-transferable.
  • Lack of developmental opportunities where one is at.
  • Too much work and no time for the family
  • No real job satisfaction from working here
  • No recognition of good work being done
  • Office politics
  • Unable to find work despite being very well qualified and with lots of experience
  • Should I change to a totally different industry?
  • Want to move from technical to business side – but how?
  • How to re-enter the industry after being made redundant at a mature age
  • Being micro-managed
  • Intense pressure and no support
  • Poor leadership
  • Not knowing what to do – but knowing its broke
  • Undertook training (an MBA) but it got me nowhere
  • Discrimination at work

Any of these resonate with you?