If you are in full time work, have a technology background and want to start your own technology based entrepreneurial business – what should you do?

Are the ideas you develop while you work for your current employer, your own to use or do they belong to your employer?

At what stage of the entrepreneurial journey should you take out a patent or trademark?

When is a provisional patent a good strategy?

If litigation is never justified for a start up, young entrepreneurial business – what’s the point of having a patent? i.e. if you cannot protect it, why bother taking out a patent for it? What strategy to adopt then?

What are the sort of costs for taking out a patent and a provisional patent?

These and other questions around patents & trademarks which are of early consideration for a person contemplating getting into their own business are answered through an interview by me of Justin Blows – a patent attorney.

The interview can be found at http://www.myelectricalcommunity.org/seewebinar.php?id=15

The aim of these webinars is to promote greater entrepreneurship among those within the electrical industry specifically; which is the industry I have most affinity for.

I aim to help those with a background in technology especially within the electrical fields who want to establish their own business.

If you’d like assistance in anything from the development of the business plan, the marketing strategy, the legal framework including the taking out of patents / trademarks, the identification and feedback from mentors / stakeholders to what you are trying to establish, the communication strategy to make a pitch to venture capitalists or in the financial strategy and spreadsheets needed to determine break evens and cash flow projects, please email me at raypavri@wattelectricalnews.com

I and a group of interested individuals are ready to help – to promote entrepreneurship and business  generation within Australia.

Let’s go on that journey together.