Try using your GPS today without putting in an end destination.

You’d be going from one place to another (so a lot of activity) but never getting to where you intended to get to. You’d never be able to select the quickest route (as GPS’s point out) because the poor GPS has no idea what to calibrate. You’d never be able to monitor your progress (so how long to your destination) because there is NO destination to head towards. You’d see others wizzing by as you stagnate with a GPS which does nothing for you, even though its main purpose is to get you there quickly without much stress. No one could help you, because if you don’t know where you are heading, how can anyone else?

Yup. it’s crazy, isn’t it?

But isn’t this exactly what you’re doing when from a career perspective, you don’t have a clear idea where you are heading?

In speaking to over 700 Engineers in the past 18 months I’ve heard over and over again individuals saying they don’t have a clear idea of where they are heading. Or that where they are heading gives them no joy.

How can they get there then? How can others (like mentors or colleagues or family) help them? How can progress be monitored? How quickly can their life become one of fulfillment? How frustrating would it be seeing some getting to their destination of career nirvana while you’re not even sure how to get there?

How unfulfilled is life with one third of it doing something which has no meaning (work taking up 8-10 hours of your day) which is what having no clear destination and a strategy to get there implies?

Is it any surprise then that lots of individuals suffer from work related self-esteem and mental health related issues. Is it any wonder that only 17% of the overall working population is really happy with their work situation?

Get yourself a career destination, a GPS you are happy with. And if you don’t know how to do this – talk to me on via I’ve helped several engineers already as you can see through these engineers who’ve escaped the mad house of working life, into what are career related greener pastures. See their success stories at

If you are an engineer – stop moaning about your career. You do have a choice. Whether you take this forward or not, is totally up to you.